I help busy people who lack time, motivation and self-belief to look and feel great again. I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their fitness levels, gain more confidence and make fitness something they really look forward to.

If you want to improve your fitness, lean up, gain confidence and become the ultimate version of you, get in touch and let us help you.


Need that extra motivation and accountability? Hop on one of our many Live Zoom classes. 

Short on time? No need to drive to the gym with online classes! Get time back.

Workout where you want, when you want with On Demand. Fit a quick workout in before work or before the kids get up.

Indecisive? Allow our Workout Generator to choose a workout for you. Tell it how you want to feel and it'll select a workout for you to do.

Want variety? We do cardio, strength and holistic classes so you can work your all-round fitness. From Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Combat, Booty Workouts and more - we've got it all!

Make fitness fun again!


You can't out-train a bad diet.


Let us show you how to apply simple diet principles to your life. Transform your fitness journey with easy to follow nutrition tips and advice.

You will get access to our amazing recipe books, meal plan guides and education.


Say goodbye to boring recipes. Say hello to dishes that suit the entire family.

Need help with deciding what to eat?

Follow one of our nutrition plans with full recipes. We have plans to suit everybody.

Make smart decisions to enhance your life.


You are not alone.

We've found people get much better results when they're in it together.

At Lorna Marie Fitness, you're not a number: we are truly one big fitness family.

Make Friends, chat about the programme and keep each other accountable.

Come to one of our socials, make fitness part of your lifestyle.

Sustainability is key when it comes to making the much needed change in your life.

Become fitter and lose weight in a community you can thrive in.





"My fitness journey with Lorna’s online squad began in March 2020. What started as an effort to lose weight quickly became about so much more - with Lorna’s wide variety of classes, professional tutorage and personal encouragement I’ve improved my physical strength and mental wellbeing. I've become fitter, leaner and more energised and I’m more motivated to exercise than ever before. Joining the squad was the start of a lasting approach for me that’s triggered so many other positive lifestyle changes! Thank you Lorna (and Tech Will) for all you’ve done and continue to do for the squad!"


"Joined Lornas on line squad at lockdown a life saver . I lost 12kg of weight and done loads of
classes I never thought I could even attempt . I did years of gyms and PT spends hundreds of
quid .....did nothing . Then I met the pocket rocket bingo . Lorna really cares about you not
about her and showing us how good she is it’s about you . ( although she is the fittest girl on the
planet) thank you Lorna glad I joined your squad"

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"Working with Lorna one to one has been thoroughly beneficial as well as enjoyable. Her energy and passion are already famous but they are matched by her knowledge of all things health. She helped me understand what my body needs & when. Her detailed analysis of my food & exercise diaries and subsequent improvement suggestions have help me make many simple changes that were easy to make but impactful. I would recommend to anyone that they make the investment in their own health and work with Lorna"


"Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement over the past 2 years. Over that time, I’ve seen not only a dramatic transformation in my body - I’m now fitter than ever at 63 years old, but also, a huge improvement in my mental state. Being a member of your squad and participating in your classes has been incredible fun, and I have achieved movements and unlocked co-ordination in my body I never thought possible. Age is truly just a number ! There are so many classes to choose from - there is something for everybody. I love being part of this wonderful fitness community that you have built!"



"I have tried so many times to motivate myself to stick with a gym membership but with the pressures of working, studying and being a mum, making the time for myself just wasn’t a priority. I’d feel guilty leaving the kids and it was so tempting to stay at home instead of driving to the gym. That all changed when I found Lorna’s online classes: no driving; classes that fit around me; an amazing timetable of workouts to keep me motivated and, most of all, feeling part of Lorna’s squad. Lorna’s passion, engagement and creativity mean that working out and feeling fit actually feels fun. Who would have thought I’d ever be leaping out of bed at 9am on a Saturday to do a Boy Band workout? I love being a part of the squad and have seen huge improvements in my fitness. I am much more toned and I have so much more energy. I have gone from dreading exercise to actually looking forward to it. And, I can do it all in the comfort of my own home, with one eye on the kids. I’m hoping that, when they are older, because they have seen me enjoy exercise, they too can have a positive relationship with fitness. Even my husband feels he’s a part of the squad too- working out together from our kitchen has been a highlight! Thank you so much for everything, Lorna. You, and the squad are incredible!"


""I was 99kg when I started (my sister's recommendation) and now I'm 89kg, 85kg is my goal.
Online has helped me so much in reducing my insulin levels.  I am no longer Pre Diabetic.  Thanks to LMF

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"I love Lorna!! I work shifts so mostly do the live classes on my days work weeks and the on demand on the afters work weeks.. The beauty of the on demand is no matter what time of day it's there for you to pick and choose any workout you like and the variety is amazing..
Lorna herself is a beautiful soul.. There to help us and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves whether that be fitter, healthier, stronger etc..
Each class is made fun by her vibrant personality and her let's go attitude.. (Zumba is my personal favourite) 
Love being a squaddie and being part of a fitness community where everyone is supportive towards each other.. Wouldn't change it for the world"


"I’ve been with Lorna Marie Fitness for 2 years and can’t imagine going back to a gym. With no travel time I can fit extra classes in and don’t have the hassle of rushing to get booked on or being put on a waiting list. With the On Demand option, I can do what I what when I want. I think the biggest benefit has been the increase in my overall wellness. The range of classes from cardio to strength to Pilates and yoga means I can work on my all-round well-being. Lorna’s positivity and enthusiasm shines through in all that she does and makes it wonderful to be part of the squad"



Take the Leap, I am with you every step of the way

Change your life for the better