Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

When do the sessions take place?

To find out when the sessions take place, please see our timetable on the "Timetable" page. This is reviewed and updated each month! We have LIVE sessions running at various times of the day so you can fit them best around your schedule: whether you like super early morning or a later evening, we have it! Or catch your favourite classes on demand whenever you want!

How do I access the LIVE classes? What do I need to do?

Firstly, you'll need a membership to access any class online.
Then, you'll need to create an account with ZOOM and download Zoom onto the device you're going to use (laptop, desktop, phone, Ipad etc.) You'll find the links in the members' area ("live links") for you to access on the day of the class. You click the link and voila! You'll be in! NOTE: make sure you're logged into you Zoom account first and you click "join with computer audio" so you can hear.

Do I have to be on camera?

Absolutely not at all! You can rock out of bed and do the class in your PJs if you like!

You will come into the class with your camera automatically off. It is up to you if you wish to switch it on or not during the session (click the video camera icon bottom left during the meeting to switch it on).
If you want to wave to everyoone, you'll need it on though, haha!

What level of fitness do I need to take part?

All levels of fitness are welcome to my classes. I always give plenty of options: whether you want to dial the intensity up or down, add or lose impact etc. It's your workout, your way!

I have a health condition, will I be able to take part?

This depends on what you health condition is really. Get in touch with me if you're not sure and we can have a chat.

What is the cancellation policy?

As much as I don't want you to leave, I understand life sometimes just gets in the way ot changes in some way. If you wish to cancel, make sure you give notice before your next payment date (so we can cancel your membership before the next payment goes out). If you would like to cancel, please email Lorna at and your cancellation will be processed.

Is a membership per person? I want a household member to join in.

You're in luck! Memberships are per household! Get the whole family involved, maybe the dog too!

I can't make the LIVE class, how can I do on demand?

Don't panic! We have on demand for all! Go to the members' area and click "on demand"!

Have fun :D

Does every LIVE class get recorded?

On demand isn't quite a catch-up service so not every single class will be recorded and uploaded e.g. if we're using the same routine. Having said that, new videos will be added on a weekly basis and we aim to keep it as up to date as possible! You will have full access to the back catalogue of recorded material - definitely enough to keep you busy and active for months!!

What clothing/equipment do I need?

Wear something easy to move around in that's comfortable (gym kit, Pj's, whatever works for you!)

Wear trainers or go bare foot at your own risk. If you're on a hard surface, you may want to put a mat down.
Bring a drink to keep hydrated!

Equipment classes are those with an "E" on the class description found on the "Timetable" page.

When does the membership start from? Do I need to renew every week?

Your membership will start from the day of purchase and will renew automatically the following month, week or year (depending on the membership you're on). You can cancel any time, just give a month's notice.


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