We use Zoom for our live online fitness classes!

It is accessible to anyone and is simple to setup and use! The best thing is, once it is setup and ready, you shouldn't need to change anything with it again!

Please follow the steps below to get setup with us:

1. Sign up to a free account by clicking here.

2. Download and install Zoom by clicking here.

3. Login to Zoom using the account details made in step 1.

It is as simple as that!

Before the class is due to start, go to the LIVE LINKS PAGE and click the link to the relevant class.


Make sure to click 'Join With Computer Audio' or 'Join With Internet Audio'. If you accidentally click cancel on this step, close the meeting and click the link again. 


You will come into the class with your camera turned off. If you wish to turn it on, click 'Start Video'.

Zoom Tutorial

Connecting to TV

Some of our Squad have found difficulties when connecting a laptop to the TV for the ultimate fitness experience!

For best results, connect to the TV through the HDMI port on a laptop.

If you find sound is not coming out of the TV, then try clicking the arrow next to 'Unmute' and selecting your TV under the speaker section. Take a look at the image below:

Zoom Tutorial

If you have any questions about how to use Zoom for Lorna's Online Squad, please get in contact and Tech Will can assist you further!