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Improve your flexibility, balance, strength and mind-body connection. Gentle flows to energise the body and calm the mind giving you a lasting sense of wellbeing. I am an AFAA Practical Yoga Specialist and my class is tailored for all fitness levels.

Yoga with more of an athletic/ strengthening approach.

High Intensity Interval Training using resistance. A set of hand weights or a barbell is ideal, but use whatever you can!

Exercises to strengthen your entire core.

Sculpting class using a booty band and hand weights to shape and tone the whole body. Your butt will feel the burn!

Aerobics plus legs, bums and tums! A fun workout to awesome tunes. Cardio workout with shaping exercises for the glutes, legs and abs.

A low impact workout to work the entire body without jumping once! Do not be fooled, this doesn't make it a super easy class! You can make it as hard or as easy as you wish.

High Intensity Interval Training. One of the best ways to improve your fitness fast! Intense, short periods of work, followed by a short recovery. You can take the class at your own pace and I give low impact options too.

Release your muscles.

Cycle away to the beat! Music to get you motivated and feel epic! You will need a spin bike, stationary exercise bike or a turbo trainer to cycle.

Everything and anything.


A combat-based cardio class designed to make you feel epic and work the whole body! Boxercise-based intervals. Be prepared to sweat and feel amazing.