You choose how much to get involved!

Our live online platform allows us to see our members, if you choose, and offer advice or modifications. It's all down to personal preference. You will get to know the different members in a completely new way.

We even sing Happy Birthday before classes!


1 membership per household; 

14 live classes per week for £5.75!

Instead of paying per person for a gym membership we offer 1 membership for the ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD.

We also offer discounts on our live events for our members.


We have a professional HD video and audio setup to give you the best experience possible.

The studio has mirrors all round so you can compare your technique against Lorna's.

Lorna is a Tribe Coach for Les Mills and has been teaching gym classes around Nottinghamshire for 5 years.


From South Africa to Turkey, we have members all over the world, all enjoying our fantastic service.

Whether you are on holiday or living abroad our live online fitness classes and on demand service are here to suit your workout on your time.

Take us on holiday with you!


Your workout, your time.

We have a full back catalogue of online classes and bonus content on our On Demand Service; available immediately to all members.

You no longer need to worry about missing a workout. Exercise on your terms, how and when you want.  


We host events at least twice a month where you can meet all your online friends!

There will be music, sweat and most importantly FUN!

Come and join us for the ultimate fitness experience.


Listen to my interview with BBC Radio Nottingham, with the amazing Arun Verma by clicking on the audio clip below.
I was approached by BBC Radio Nottingham to talk about how Lorna Marie Fitness started and to promote online fitness, in addition to how our amazing online squad has helped over lockdown.
BBC Radio Nottingham - Lorna Marie Fitness InterviewBBC Radio Nottingham
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We use Zoom for all our workouts!

It is a free and easy to use program available on all devices. You can signup for an account by clicking here and download the app by clicking here.

For more information go to our section on how to use Zoom.

 Online Fitness Class Descriptions
Please note: I will always give modifications to exercises in every class so you can remove impact if you wish and make the class your own.
(E) denotes equipment needed
BODYBLITZ - Aerobics plus legs, bums and tums! A fun workout to awesome tunes. Cardio workout with shaping exercises for the glutes, legs and abs.
BODY CONDITIONING (E) - Sculpting class using a booty band and hand weights to shape and tone the whole body. Your butt will feel the burn!
COMBAT - A combat-based cardio class designed to make you feel epic and work the whole body! Boxercise-based intervals. Be prepared to sweat and feel amazing.
CYCLE (E) - Cycle away to the beat! Music to get you motivated and feel epic! You will need a spin bike, stationary exercise bike or a turbo trainer to cycle. 
HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. One of the best ways to improve your fitness fast! Intense, short periods of work, followed by a short recovery. You can take the class at your own pace and I give low impact options too. 

HIIT COMBO (E) - as per "HIIT" but with weights. Anything will do! Generally, you will need a couple of heavier weights and a couple of lighter weights - dumbbells, hand-weights, plates or even household objects will do! 45 minutes cardio, weights and core!
PILATES - Strengthen the core muscles, improve posture, increase flexibility and alleviate back pain. I always give modifications so you can increase or reduce intensity to work your body at your level.
POWER YOGA - (See "YOGA") Yoga with more of an athletic/ strengthening approach
SCULPT - A low impact workout to work the entire body without jumping once! Do not be fooled, this doesn't make it a super easy class! You can make it as hard or as easy as you wish.
STRONGER (E) - A barbell/ weights-based workout choreographed to your favourite tunes! Strengthen and shape the entire body. (You can use hand-weights if you do not have a barbell). Inspired by the famous "BodyPump".
YOGA - Improve your flexibility, balance, strength and mind-body connection. Gentle flows to energise the body and calm the mind giving you a lasting sense of wellbeing. I am an AFAA Practical Yoga Specialist and my class is tailored for all fitness levels. 
YOGA FIZZ - (See "Yoga") Yoga with a glass of fizz or whatever you want (because it's the weekend!)
ZUMBA - The fun, party workout! Simple routines to Latin-inspired pop music. You don't need to be able to dance - there are no rules in Zumba, anything goes!
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