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13 LIVE Online Fitness Classes Per Week

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What Is Lorna's Online Squad?

Lorna's Online Squad is a fully digital Gym pass aimed at people who want to become the best version of themselves. What makes The Squad so special is its focus on meeting your goals by making fitness fun whilst being inclusive to all levels of fitness. Our classes are designed to be inclusive for all fitness levels so you will never be left out of anything! 

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Stay Motivated With Our Medals System


Do You struggle to stay motivated?

Our innovative badges system track your progress - whether it is On Demand or our Live Zoom Classes. Work towards the next achievement and show it off on the Live Classes!

Our Members LOVE the medals system, join our fitness family and start collecting your very own set!

Meet Lorna

Lorna is an award winning Fitness Instructor with a wealth of experience. Her energy, positivity and  passion to make everybody as fit as possible shines through when she is in her natural habitat - the exercise studio! Lorna won Runner Up for Regional Fitness Instructor of the Year 2021. Her speciality is Pilates, but her Aerobics classes take some beating!

Welcome To My Studio

This is where the magic happens!

Join me live from my home to yours where you will experience the LMF family magic!

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Instant Access to 100's of On Demand Videos

13 LIVE Online Exercise Classes Per Week

Access to Our Amazing Support Group

Cancel Anytime

What Can We Do For You?

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Our classes can help you achieve your fitness goals whether you are a beginner or experienced in exercise! The vast array of guided workouts will give you all the options you need to succeed in your fitness goals and aspirations. Wanting to lose weight? Or just feel better in yourself? Lorna has you covered.

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A Community You Can Thrive In

One of the best things of Lorna Marie Fitness is its incredible members. We have created an amazing community where you can interact with all our other members. Whether it is chatting about your favourite classes or holding each other accountable to your fitness goals, our community supports everyone!

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Make You Feel Great Again

Exercise is only 1 half of Lorna Marie Fitness. We want you to leave every class with a smile on your face feeling amazing! We love seeing our members becoming the best version of themselves not only inside the classes but outside too. Our main aim is to make you feel as though you can do anything!

Check Our Some Recent 5 Star Reviews From Our LMF Facebook Community


Kerry Oliver


Absolutely love Lorna’s online classes whether it’s live, on demand or face to face! This lady really does know how to keep you motivated

Would recommend to anyone looking for a way of keeping fit! She is supportive all the time, not just in her classes. Replies straight away to any questions you have and also comments with messages that help encourage you to keep going! You wouldn’t get this level of service in a gym!


Juliet Bradley


Lorna is amazing. She has become a big part of my life now. Her classes are so much fun. She is totally professional kind and very patient ( especially with my lack of tech skills!) Her classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. I have been doing classes I haven’t done for prob 30 years. She gives us all motivation and focus during these surreal times. I can’t recommend her highly enough for setting up the online squad and getting us all fitter and happier.


Vanessa Helen


Lorna is full of energy and has really motivational classes to suit all levels I always feel better after one of her workouts! I have followed her for years from the classes at a local gym to the online fitness classes from March 2020.


Emily Thompson


Lorna is inspirational! The energy and passion she brings to each class is infectious! Every class is different and caters to different fitness capabilities. Lorna has helped improve my fitness but also my mindset whilst in lockdown. She brings a smile to my face every single day and is a true professional! Cant wait for another week of classes! xx


Sam Wood


Love Lorna's classes. Always bubbly (even at 6.15am).

Builds a great bond with her students, keeps the classes fun and lively and works with everyone's fitness levels ..... 5 stars from me


Wendy Woo


Lorna is an absolute star She is truly an inspiration to all .Her commitment and passion have kept me going during lockdown when i was working and a family bereavement in the Summer.Lorna strives always to offer the best ,listening and responding to client feedback.Her classes offer , variety , flexibility, superb value for money ...never quite knowing what the class will entail means it never gets boring .My brother over from Australia has loved the classes too and it has offered us both much needed support during a very difficult time . I can’t thank you or recommend you enough Lorna .Gym membership now cancelled means Lorna’s fitness classes are my future ...exciting times .


Angie Morrelli


I absolutely love Lorna Marie Fitness, her enthusiasm in classes is amazing, keeping you going right through to the end! The choreography is brilliant, great music and knowing the rest of the squad are involved makes it feel like a real community. The on demand classes are also a fab way to fit exercise in-there is no excuse! Thank you Lorna


Caroline Townsend


Lovely Lorna

Nothing is ever too much trouble. So motivating and encouraging whatever your level of fitness.... she’s got a class for everyone!

Thank you Lovely Lorna for all your hard work and for making everyone feel Wonderful


Annette Gunn


An amazing instructor, motivational, inspirational and most importantly makes exercise fun! Always considers all abilities and offers alternative moves to suit individual levels! Thank you Lorna! Massive 5 stars!


Janie Burrows


Lorna’s online squad is what’s kept me sane this last 6th months!! When the gyms closed and we all felt lost, Lorna came to our rescue! Her classes are incredible, so much variety. It’s given structure and focus to our days, helped us feel and stay connected and even my kids love doing the workouts. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and working out more then ever. Now I’m back at work the on demand is invaluable. I certainly won’t be going back the gym, it fits in so well with work and family life. Thank you so much Lorna, you are the best, most motivational, incredible instructor and I don’t know where I’d be without you and the amazing squad. Whole heatedly recommend.


Jessica Hayley


If you’re wanting to get fitter and exercise in the comfort of your own home, I couldn’t think of anything better than joining Lorna’s Online Squad. She offers a wide variety of classes both live and recorded so that you can have the freedom to do your faves in your own time at your own pace. The squad has made me fall in love with exercise again and definitely gives structure to your whole day/week. Lorna is such a wonderful, fun and dedicated person who always puts her members and their feedback in front of anything else. Not sure what I would do without her

A very big thank you!! X


Jane Ward


Fantastic Classes and fabulous instructor. Really keeps you motivated and it’s fun and fitness all rolled into one. Very well done Lorna x


Cathyanne Gardner


Lorna is a breath of fresh air, full of vitality and sass! Talk about a motivated Fitness Instructor both virtually and when we had the luxury of physically being taught by Lorna at the gym. She is truly professional and is a great tonic to inspire people to keep healthy and exercise


Ailsa G-I


Lorna is just amazing! She is enthusiastic and motivational and Incredibly passionate about her work. I have had the pleasure of attending Lorna’s gym sessions and lately during ‘lockdown’ many of her virtual classes at Lorna’s online squad. She brings so much energy to the room and works so hard to deliver every class. Behind the scenes too it’s obvious that she spends time preparing classes and sourcing different music to keep the classes interesting and exciting and to make you want to exercise. A truly inspirational lady!


Jo Wilson


I’m new to Lorna’s Online Squad (and to fitness) but my friend loves it, so when Lorna offered a free class, I thought I’d give it a try. My plan was to do a yoga class before work each morning but with so many On Demand classes I can plan my own workout depending on how I’m feeling. Because the live classes are recorded you still feel like part of the class even though it’s on demand. Lorna’s enthusiasm is so infectious but it’s never about being a ‘Gym Bunny’ as she will always give low impact options where she can and wants to support all abilities. Although we’ve never met, Lorna is still encouraging me via social media, either from her Vlogs, emails or personal comments on Facebook, I’m not just a faceless customer and I really feel supported by her & her belief that everyone can do this! One of the ‘Squaddies’ posted a photo of her doing a yoga pose she ‘could only dream of’ in the beginning, which I have also found motivating as this is how I feel now, but I can see that it gets results.  I’ve still got a long way to go but I think I can get there with Lorna.

Here is What Our Members Say


Our Current Live Online Timetable

The timetable is the heart of Lorna Marie Fitness. It is designed with a variety of classes and class types to give our Members the value they deserve!

We always listen to our amazing Fitness Family to guide us with the timetable to make sure as many people can attend the live classes as possible!

But remember, there are 100's of On Demand videos available too. You make your OWN timetable - fitness that fits around your lifestyle.

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What if the Workouts Are Too Hard For Me?

Our workouts are designed for everyone! We give options in every single one of our classes to be inclusive for all members. We never leave anybody out!

How Does Online Fitness Classes Work?

Once signed up, you will have access to our amazing Members Area. Here you will find all the live links to classes and our extensive On Demand Area. Our classes are all held on Zoom. You will come into the meeting with your camera off. You don't have to turn it on - it's completely your choice!

Why Choose Online Fitness?

Online Fitness has revolutionised the group exercise world. You now have the choice of working out with all your friends from the comfort of your own home. Our live timetable still meets the motivation of having a live class on, but you can have hours back in time that you would have spent travelling too and from the gym. Who would want to travel to a sweaty gym hall, fighting for a place when you could do it all from your own home!

Instant Access to 100's of On Demand Videos

13 LIVE Online Exercise Classes Per Week

Access to Our Amazing Support Group

Cancel Anytime